Please Attend the Next Meeting of the Union County Democrats

We'll be meeting this Wednesday, December 7, from 5 to 6 pm in the second floor conference room of the Sac Annex at 105 Fir Street in La Grande.

The biggest item on our agenda is discussion about: "Union County Democrats Response to Trump!"  Please bring your ideas for action!

If you have other topics for discussion, let me know.

Thanks... see you Wednesday!

Carole Halvorson
Chair, Union County Democrats

For more information use this form to contact us via email.

Union County Democrats Endorse Oregon Measure 97...

Union County Democratic Party endorses Oregon Ballot Measure 97…

The Oregon Business Tax Increase Initiative, also known as Measure 97, is on the November 8, 2016, ballot in Oregon as an initiated state statute.

A "yes" vote is a vote in favor of increasing certain corporate taxes by establishing a 2.5 percent tax on corporate gross sales that exceed $25 million.

A "no" vote is a vote against establishing a 2.5 percent tax on corporate gross sales that exceed $25 million and retaining the existing corporate tax structure.

Specifically, the measure would establish a minimum tax of $30,000 plus 2.5 percent of gross sales that exceed $25 million. It would remove the current minimum gross sales tax rate, which is around 0.1 percent and capped at $100,000. Corporations with a high enough income are taxed according to their income in lieu of the gross sales tax. The income tax rate for qualifying businesses is 6.6 percent of taxable income up to $1 million and 7.6 percent of taxable income above $1 million. These rates apply when the result is greater than the minimum sales-based tax. The income tax on high-income corporations would be retained if the initiative passed. According to the Oregon Legislative Revenue Office, for example, a corporation with less than $20 million in sales would not be affected by the change. A corporation with $70 million dollars in sales would see a 23-fold increase in its tax obligation.

Ballot title and summary The certified ballot title and summary are as follows: “Increases corporate minimum tax when sales exceed $25 million; funds education, healthcare, senior services

Join Us on Wednesday, April 2!

We'll be meeting this Wednesday, April 2, from 5 to 6 pm in the second floor conference room of the Sac Annex at 105 Fir Street in La Grande.

Here are some of the items for our agenda:

- Treasurer report
- Update on ballot measure making county commissioner races non-partisan
- Voter registration
- Getting out the vote for the May primary
- "Inequality for All" available for showing at home

If you have other topics to bring for discussion, let me know.

Thanks... see you Wednesday!

Glen Scheele
Chair, Union County Democrats



Come See "Inequality for All"

We are screening Robert Reich's movie Inequality for All on Wednesday, March 5.  The run time is 90 minutes - we'll start at 5 pm and finish at 6:30 pm.  We'll show the film in the 2nd floor conference room at the Sac Annex.

Robert Reich is an author, economist, professor (U.C. Berkeley), and was Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration.  Reich explores widening income inequality - now at historic highs - and its effects on our economy, the middle class, and our democracy.

Join us Wednesday, March 5, from 5 - 6:30 pm for this insightful and important film.  See you there!

Senator Jeff Merkley Visits Union County Democrats

Senator Merkley and Union County Democrats

Senator Jeff Merkley stopped to visit with Union County Democrats before his Town Hall meeting in Imbler on Monday, February 17. We discussed his legislative accomplishments to date and his priorities going forward. He noted that his campaign will be the target of mountains of out-of-state spending by national Republican and conservative PACs. But he expressed confidence that his record on behalf of Oregon, his focus on re-building the middle class, and the help of Democrats across the state could win his re-election.We are looking forward to his second term as our Senator!


Union County Democrats to Meet Wednesday, February 12!

We'll be meeting this Wednesday, February 12, from 5 to 6 pm in the second floor conference room of the Sac Annex at 105 Fir Street in La Grande.

Here are some of the items for our agenda:

- Push to recruit PCPs
- Local elections: Where are our Democrats for local office?
- May primary: Plan to Get Out The Vote
- Schedule showing(s) of "Inequality for All"
- Ask to host 3rd Qtr. State Central Committee meeting July 12-13?

If you have other topics to bring for discussion, let me know.

We need your voice and your help to elect more Democrats.  When Democrats run, and Democrats turn out, we win.  When Democrats win, great things happen at the local, state, and national level.

Let's hope for the roads to clear and see you Wednesday!

MLK Day Events

EOU marks MLK, Jr. Day with march against bullying

News contact: Laura Hancock | University Advancement
541-962-3585 |
Source contact: Bennie Moses | Multicultural Center Director
541-962-3741 |
EOU file photo / Students participate in the annual MLK, Jr. Day march. The event begins at 11 a.m. Monday at Max Square and ends back on campus.

EOU file photo / An MLK, Jr. Day march begins at 11 a.m. Monday at Max Square in honor of Jadin and Joe Bell. All are welcome to participate.

January 14, 2014
– Eastern Oregon University’s commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day begins with a march at 11 a.m. Monday, Jan. 20.

Participants are asked to meet at Max Square where a member of EOU’s Black Student Union will give a short welcome, followed by brief presentations from Bud Hill and Dr. William Whitaker.

Hill will share information about Faces for Change, an anti-bullying foundation established in memory of La Grande teenager Jadin Bell.

Whitaker, representing Oregon Rural Action, will talk about his experience in the American civil rights movement and lead the song “Stayed on Freedom” to start the march.

Social Hour Slated


Tonight was election night in many areas of the country.  Democrats celebrated key victories including the Virginia governorship and the New York City mayor's office. 

Sadly, labeling of GMO foods was defeated in Washington state where the distortion of politics by corporate money was on full display.  The No on 522 campaign spent a record $22 million - but only $550 came from Washington residents!  The rest was outside corporate money - the top five contributors were the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, Dow AgroSciences, and Bayer CropScience.

Rather than a business meeting, we plan a social hour for next Wednesday, November 13th, from 5 to 6 pm.  We'll gather at Joe & Sugar's Cafe at 1119 Adams Avenue (next to Red Cross Drug).  Owner Wayla Chadwick will make sure the coffee is on and the treats are at the ready.

Please come on by!

Union County Democrats To Meet October 9

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. Snow has already graced the peak of Mt. Fanny - a certain sign that winter is nearly here. 

It's been a long hiatus for the Union County Democrats - I trust it has been a welcome and needed break from politics as usual for you.

But now we have the Oregon legislature in special session wrangling over PERS, taxes, and GMO seeds.  At the Federal level, Congressional Republicans are forcing a government shutdown in an incredible display of petulance that the 2012 elections didn't go according to their plan.

There's work to be done!

We will meet next Wednesday, October 9th, from 5 to 6 pm in the second floor conference room of the Sac Annex at 105 Fir Street in La Grande.

Here are some of the key items for our agenda:

Report on Chair/Vice Chair conference call
Recruitment for local races in 2014
Update on UC Citizens for Good Government
Update on Health Care for All - Oregon

Please plan to attend -- your participation is always welcome.

Union County Democrats Meet May 8th!


Fellow Democrats...

We are postponing our regular meeting (first Wednesday of the month) until next week.  I hope this won’t inconvenience you and that you'll still be able to attend!  The meeting will be held Wednesday, May 8, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.  We'll meet in the second floor conference room of the Sac Annex at 105 Fir Street in La Grande. 

Here are some of the items on our agenda:

  Update on May 21 Special District Election
  Update on the HCAO effort/finalize resolution approval
  Update on plans for the Union County Fair
  Planning for a UC Dem social gathering/community project

Questions?  Want to add to the agenda?  Give me a call at 541-975-4149.
Thanks... see you there!

Glen Scheele
Chair, UC Democrats



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