Democrats booth at the 2011 Union County Fair

Wasn’t it great to be out at the Union County Fair – meeting good friends, enjoying the passing scene, and admiring the creativity and industry of our neighbors? The Fair is an enduring celebration of our way of life and our community.

The Union County Democrats were proud to be a part of that celebration again this year. As we do each year, we asked fairgoers to speak out on their most important issues. We counted 2,081 votes in our straw poll. That’s a 50% increase over last year and a new record of participation! Here is a breakdown of the tally:



% of Total

Ending the Conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan



Improving Family Wages, Jobs, and Home Ownership



Access to Quality Affordable Health Care for all Americans



Access to Quality Education for all Americans



Preserving Social Security and Medicare



Tax Fairness for People and Corporations



Preventing Another Financial Meltdown and Bailout



Promoting Energy Independence and US Energy Jobs






Union County Democrats Clean Up

UC Dems Adopt a Highway

Union County Democrats spent a pleasant Spring morning cleaning their adopted section of Highway Highway 82. A group of Democrats met in town and carpooled out to their assigned 2 ½ mile stretch of Highway 82, just past Pierce Lane to Market. All went well in spite of the rain.

The Republican Assault on Social Security

The Republican assault on Social Security is driven by a conscious campaign of misinformation and disinformation. 

Social Security is perhaps the most successful and popular program ever enacted by our federal govenrment.  It has protected millions of workers and their covered family members against loss of income from the retirement, disability, or death of the wage earner. 

The insurance program is funded by payroll taxes and does NOT impact the deficit.  In fact, the Social Security trust fund can pay full benefits through 2037.  Even with NO changes, the program can still pay about 80% of all expected benefits going forward.

But deliberate misrepresentation of Social Security is allowing calls for severe cuts in benefits and raising the retirement age to gain traction.

For example, Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama recently proposed increasing the Social Security retirement age "every several years" because "deficit reduction" is the top priority on the congressional agenda.

This fear-mongering about deficits is a favorite tool of Republicans to justify attacks on vital social programs they oppose.  They exploit the perception of crisis to strip funding from education, health care, nutrition, unemployment, assistance to families in poverty -- the list is endless. 

As citizens we must educate ourselves about Social Security.  You can start by reading an excellent fact-based response to Sen. Shelby at

2010 Fair Booth Straw Poll Results

We conducted an opinion poll of visitors to the Democrat's booth at the Union County Fair. Here are the results:

2010 Fair Booth Poll Results

COMMUNITY EVENT - Union County Book Club

New Union County book club studies Huck Finn

Carole Halvorson announces the "Books You Should Have Read in School, but missed" book club, beginning July 27, 6 p.m. at the Bohenkamp/Community Workshop Bldg in La Grande.  The Workshop is located at 1301 Adams Ave, La Grande, and the book club is open to all.

The first book to be discussed is Mark Twain's classic 
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  This book has been widely discussed and sometimes censored for its frank and uncomfortable treatment of race and status in our nation's recent past. 

Morning Meet-up with John A. Kitzhaber

Oregon's nominee for Governor in 2010, John A. Kitzhaber

La Grande residents came together to meet with Oregon's nominee for Governor in 2010, John A. Kitzhaber. The event was very well attended even though the meeting was added to the former Governors' schedule at the last minute. The meet-up took place at Foley Station in downtown La Grande on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

Former Governor Kitzhaber fielded questions about taxation, local USDA meat certification, health insurance costs. education costs and more.

He was very comfortable with the crowd, offered direct answers to questions, and had a good grip on all the issues addressed.

For more information on the Kitzhaber campaign visit

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