Fair Success!

Thanks everyone who helped organize and staff our booth at the Union County Fair.  Despite the sweltering heat, it was a great success!

Gray McGuire deserves a HUGE round of applause for chairing the event.  Once again he brought great energy and innovative ideas to the task.  The booth looked GREAT!

Everyone who volunteered for a shift (or two) deserves our thanks, too.  Here is our list of stalwart supporters: Terry Edvalson, Lanetta Paul, Maryellen Laberge, Harris Shelton, Lynn Strandberg, Jerry Sebestyen, Margaret Mead, Jim Booker, Kelly Elliott, Kathleen Cathey, Dick McDaniels, Betty Hughes, Donna Skovlin, Cheryl Marie Cosgorve, Doug Ross, Norm Cimon, Shelly Cimon, Kathy McGuire, Mary Calder, Carol Halvorson, Bob Delve, Joyce Coulson, and Sandy Coulson.  (My apologies if I missed someone!)

While overall Fair attendance was down, we still had lots of visitors to our booth.  Nearly 700 votes were cast in our straw poll.  Here are the results:

Votes Percent
Emails, Texts, and Internet Seraches Should Not be Spied On 79 12.6%
Congress Should Stop Undermining the Post Office 3 0.5%
Low Interest Rates for Main Street not Wall Street 3 0.5%
Recognize Health Care as a Human Right 155 24.7%
Make Education More Affordable for All Americans 171 27.2%
Preserve and Strengthen Social Security and Medicare 92 14.6%
Report All Campaign Contributions Online in Real-time 46 7.3%
Invest in 21st Century Infrastructure & Clean Energy 79 12.6%

628 100.0%

On a final note, we had LOTS of entries for our raffle of the plush blue donkey.  The winner was Don Remick of La Grande.  Don is a long-time Democrat who believes the party is the only one working to take America in the right direction.  Don was thrilled to win -- he thought it was a good harbinger for more luck in his (and Democrats') future!