About the Party 

The Democratic Party of Oregon promotes the election of Democratic candidates at every level across the state of Oregon with technical, financial and volunteer support. We provide opportunities for all Oregon Democrats to participate fully in our political process. The Democratic Party of Oregon supports local county Parties to make sure that every community can work to get Democratic Candidates elected.

What We Stand For

Oregon Democrats believe that rights and responsibilities go hand in hand. It’s up to all of us to work for a present and future society that treats every individual with dignity and respect, provides for the health and education of future generations, grows Oregon’s businesses and local economies, safeguards our civil liberties and democratic rights, and protects the natural environment in which we all live.

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Senator Ron Wyden
Senator Jeff Merkley

Democratic Party of Oregon

Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division Offices Open

May 15, 2018, Primary Election

This is a list of public offices for which the Secretary of State will accept declarations of candidacy or petitions for nomination or election for the primary election of May 15, 2018. The earliest day to file for the following positions is September 7, 2017 and the deadline is not later than 5 PM, March 6, 2018