Powell warning about Bachman

We saw the Chris Matthews interview of this really mixed up woman who thinks people who support Obama are Anti-American. It's great that Colin Powell condemened it! Her Democratic opponent is Elwyn Tinklenberg. We went online to find that out and made a little donation to his campaign. Hope lots of people do to encourage him and give him support. I know this is a conservative district, but she is REALLY off the wall. She said they should have an investigation of the US Senate to find out all those who are "Anti-American". Elinor

Excellent New Yorker editorial--opportunity for comment

Here's an excerpt from a New Yorker editorial on the presidential election. This is such a rich and detailed article with sections on the economy, energy, the war and etc., and I just pulled out a few paragraphs. I hope that you will read the whole article and share it with your friends.

Since the 2004 election, however, McCain has moved remorselessly rightward in his quest for the Republican nomination. He paid obeisance to Jerry Falwell and preachers of his ilk. He abandoned immigration reform, eventually coming out against his own bill. Most shocking, McCain, who had repeatedly denounced torture under all circumstances, voted in February against a ban on the very techniques of “enhanced interrogation” that he himself once endured in Vietnam—as long as the torturers were civilians employed by the C.I.A.

On almost every issue, McCain and the Democratic Party’s nominee, Barack Obama, speak the generalized language of “reform,” but only Obama has provided a convincing, rational, and fully developed vision. McCain has abandoned his opposition to the Bush-era tax cuts and has taken up the demagogic call—in the midst of recession and Wall Street calamity, with looming crises in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid—for more tax cuts. Bush’s expire in 2011. If McCain, as he has proposed, cuts taxes for corporations and estates, the benefits once more would go disproportionately to the wealthy.

For me, this editorial and this campaign create a question. As Democrats (and humans who are subject to fight or flight instincts) what is the aspect of this campaign that most moves us? Are we more inspired by Barack Obama and his vision for the country or alarmed by the McCain-Palin ticket? Barack Obama has been able to demonstrate calm intellect in the face of attacks. Do we have the same ability to remain calm and rational?

A place to send your best thoughts.

Hey folks, I'm not much of a blogger, but like you I'm getting many impassioned email forwards with lots of great ideas. Perhaps my favorite came from my friend Lupita who suggested that I honor Sarah Palin by making a contribution in her name to Planned Parenthood. And you can see how this turned out... Anyhow, please consider posting your best stuff here to share with other interested folks. ~Kathleen
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