Help Support Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Jamie Supporters -- Jamie McLeod-Skinner's campaign is generating unprecedented levels of excitement in Oregon's 2nd Congressional District, and across our entire state.

That's why I wanted to share this note from Jamie's campaign director. Over the course of this campaign, Jamie has logged tens of thousands of miles traveling in her Jeep across the district, talking with voters and making the case for why they should vote for her in this year's critical elections.

And in these final days of her campaign, the support you can give to Jamie and her team could make the difference. Take a look: 

Great news! According to recent polling Jamie is within single digits of the Greg Walden, who has less than 50% support. After 20 years in office, we are making history together in the 2nd Congressional District! We need your support to finish strong.

Please give now to narrow the gap! We need to raise another $200,000 to ensure that Jamie’s TV ads can stay on the air. Her opponent has never faced competition this fierce and determined to win, as the poll and fundraising prove.

Both of our ads, Unity and It’s Time, are airing in all 20 counties across this district. We need your help to keep them running and gain the undecided votes to bring home the win on November 6th. 

Your gift now will also support 2,600 volunteers walking door to door or calling neighbors to ensure the people of Oregon’s 2nd District hear Jamie’s bipartisan message to put people first. Over the next nine days thousands of dedicated volunteers and generous donors -- like you -- will work together to close the gap.

There is so much energy and enthusiasm for this campaign because people -- like you -- understand how much is at stake. 

Please donate now to help confirm Jamie’s historic election as Congresswoman McLeod-Skinner.

Thank you, 

Nichole van Eikeren
Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Oregon Campaign Director

I've been so fortunate to meet with Oregon Democrats in Central and Eastern Oregon during my time as Chair, and they are all so excited about Jamie, her campaign, and working to make sure Oregonians in the 2nd District have a Representative who actually represents them.

So please, support Jamie McLeod-Skinner as we hit the final nine days of this election and help her defeat Greg Walden.

Yes, I'll donate!

Thank you,

Randy L Knop
Chair, Union County Democratic Party of Oregon