President Barack Obama Accomplishments: YEAR ONE

It’s important to remember where we were when President Obama took office.
The President inherited the worst economic crisis in a generation, and our country was teetering on the edge of another depression.
The economy was losing 700,000 jobs a month on average.
Banks were in crisis and lending was frozen.
$10 trillion in wealth was lost in the stock market.
Now almost a year later, President Obama has taken necessary steps to stabilize our economy, put us on the road to recovery, and rebuild a new, stronger foundation for long term growth.
On the economy, equal rights, our health care system, our energy policy, our financial regulatory system, the environment, valuing science and service, restoring our reputation around the world and setting the special interests straight, President Obama is enacting an ambitious agenda that is helping to get our economy moving again and changing the way things in Washington get done.

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