Union County Democrats Believe Health Care is a Human Right

Health Care as a Human Right is one of the platform planks of the Union County Democrats and key to the Union County Health Care Resolution signed by 260 persons.

Thanks to the 23 of these supporters that attended the 1-17-18 Union County Board of Commissioners meeting. Eleven (11) supporters shared personal stories about: working only to access health insurance; high monthly cost of personal policies exceeding $1,000 for one person plus additional cost of health care; responsibility of government to provide healthcare as a "public good"; physician and nurse telling how patients post-poned accessing health care because of the cost; tragic physical outcomes for people with no access to health care; financial impacts on young people who have no access to affordable medical care; emergency rooms used for health care by people with no other resources; 60% of US bankruptcy due to cost of health care (and most had insurance) and more. 

Health care resolutions like this have passed in other parts of the state. Union County has been a state public health leader in the past, now is time to step up again and provide leadership in Union County and ask the Oregon legislature to bring a vote about health care to the people in 2020!
Better Care
for More People 
At Less Cost
The Resolution was referred to a Commission work session on February 14, 2018.