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Help Support Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Jamie Supporters -- Jamie McLeod-Skinner's campaign is generating unprecedented levels of excitement in Oregon's 2nd Congressional District, and across our entire state.

That's why I wanted to share this note from Jamie's campaign director. Over the course of this campaign, Jamie has logged tens of thousands of miles traveling in her Jeep across the district, talking with voters and making the case for why they should vote for her in this year's critical elections.

And in these final days of her campaign, the support you can give to Jamie and her team could make the difference. Take a look: 

Great news! According to recent polling Jamie is within single digits of the Greg Walden, who has less than 50% support. After 20 years in office, we are making history together in the 2nd Congressional District! We need your support to finish strong.

Please give now to narrow the gap! We need to raise another $200,000 to ensure that Jamie’s TV ads can stay on the air. Her opponent has never faced competition this fierce and determined to win, as the poll and fundraising prove.

Oregon Public Radio Coverage of Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District Race

Oregon’s only Republican congressman has two decades' worth of staying power. Democrats haven’t bothered to put much muscle into challenging him — until now. 

For nearly 20 years Republican Rep. Greg Walden has locked up re-election in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District. This time, however, Democrat Jamie McLeod-Skinner is betting on voters with an independent streak. Read Complete Story on OPB

Jamie for Oregon Opens Union County Office at 101 FIR in Downtown La Grande


It is very exciting to open the Jamie Campaign Office!  Today Lore and I are picking up some things to turn the empty room into an office.  Next we need VOLUNTEERS! This is the schedule that UC Team Jamie thinks will work well.  We really need to fill up this schedule ASAP (2 shifts per day-see below). 

Find a time and send message to Anna at: unioncountyvolsforjamie@gmail.com with cc: to me (cksw46@msn.com).

The Campaign office significantly raises the visibility of Jamie in La Grande.  We want it to be a hub of activity and need teams of two people to be in the room when it is open.  Volunteers will answer questions, provide SWAG, sign up volunteers and talk to people that put their head in the door and ask what's going on...? There will be brochures and other information to share as we share our enthusiasm about Jamie with La Grande.

We will have internet set up (in process), hot water for drinks and cookies, postcards for you to write and other campaign activities.

39 Days Until Election Day! Jamie for Oregon!

How Greg Walden and Republicans Are Scamming You Out of Medicare-For-All

"Debate" Between Jamie McLeod-Skinner and Greg Walden

Get Involved: Help Elect Jamie McLeod-Skinner


Join Us!
We are working with Jamie’s Campaign to send postcards to potential voters to encourage people to get out and vote for Jamie! Join Us! Every Wednesday beginning September 12, 2018.
12:15 – 1:15 pm
Cheryl and Bill’s Home
1108 G. Ave ~ La Grande

Join Us! Vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner on November 6, 2018

Progressives End-of_Summer Gathering!

As progressives we believe everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does his or her fair share, everyone plays by the same rules


Progressives, Democrats, and
ORA Health Care Action Team Invited

6:00 – 8:00 pm Mary McCracken’s home*

Bring your own drink and food to share.
Plates and utensils provided

Enjoy friends and meet new people!

Pick up “Jamie McLeod-Skinner” material,
buttons, and yard signs.

Letter to the Editor Campaign tips sheets available

Ellen’s Quilt Raffle Drawing

And more!

(no fire this year – burn ban)

* Mary McCracken -- 63036 Buchanan Lane.  East of McAlister about 1/4 mile on the right as the road makes a slight jog to the right.  Horse trailer and truck generally near the road.  Big equipment shed east of the house.  

Jamie McLeod-Skinner Tabling Event!


Saturday, 8am–7pm,

8/11, Main Street, Union

Come and meet other Jamie supporters!
Vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner on November 6, 2018!


If you can attend, stop by their table, chat, pick-up a button
and show your support for this Great candidate.

Volunteer for Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Jamie McLeod-Skinner is running against Greg Walden in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District. She will be our champion for living wage, strong unions; job creation shifting to clean energy jobs; affordable health care; gun safety; affordable education; and the rights of DREAMers. Please join us for a night meaningful action, making phone calls to voters on behalf of Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Oregon!

Volunteer for Jamie
Donate to Jamie


Union County Democrats Celebrate Medicare's Birthday!

Message to Union County Democrats! 
Help raise the visibility of Medicare.  Please post and share. 


On July 30, Medicare turns 53.

For over half a century, it has provided healthcare as a right to all Americans over 65 and many disabled Americans. It has saved countless lives and kept millions out of poverty.

Read More About Medicare Here:


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