Breaking news: Single payer to be voted on in House of Representatives

Dear colleagues: We are at a potentially watershed moment in history. For the first time ever single-payer health insurance will be voted upon on the floor of the House of Representative following the current congressional recess. We need your support. Please contact Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) and urge support for the Weiner amendment to HR 3200. The Weiner amendment substitutes the language of HR 676 (the Conyers/Kucinich single payer bill) for most of the language in HR3200. I met with Rep. Walden when I was in Washington, DC for the Medicare:Made in America single-payer rally and lobby day last week. I contended that single-payer is the most fiscally conservative approach to health insurance reform. He listened attentatively and asked his staff to review the materials I left for him. I believe there is a possibility that he will support single-payer if enough constituents contact him.

Speaker Pelosi agreed to a House floor vote in order to avoid the possibility of Republicans joining progressive Democrats and winning the substitution in committee, to the embarrassment of the Democratic leadership. The fear was that, having transformed the bill in committee, Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats wouold kill any possibility of legislation on the floor.

We need to mobilize progressive Democrats and allies to urge our representatives to support the Weiner amendment. With your help history is ours for the making. Thanks for all you are doing. Please share this information with colleagues throughout Oregon.

The PNHP memo below contains full detils and provides a lnk to Kaiser Family Foundation side by side analysis of all the health insurance reform proposals currently before Congress.

Bill Whitaker
SCC Delegate for the Democratic Party of Oregon