Oregon Health Care Reform

Oregon supporters of a universal, single-payer health care system are looking east for inspiration, bringing Vermont activists to our state to outline how a grassroots movement there resulted in the successful adoption of a universal health care system last June. La Grande is a stop on a twelve city swing through Oregon by three members of the Vermont Workers Center, Kate Kanelstein, Sarah Weintraub and Mary Gerish. They will be joined by representatives from the events’ sponsors, Jobs with Justice and Oregon Single Payer Campaign, as they outline the strategies and tactics that worked in Vermont.


Wednesday, December 14th, 7:30 to 9:00 PM

“How We Won Health Care for All” Forum

Center for Human Development, Inc.

2301 Cove Ave., La Grande

(Old Rock Bowling Alley)


Members of the Vermont Workers Center will share with us how their 3-year campaign convinced the Vermont legislature to declare “Health Care is a Human Right”


The forum is co-sponsored by Oregon Rural Action, Mad As Hell Doctors, Oregon Single Payer Campaign and Jobs With Justice.


Oregon is one of 20 states considering single-payer health care legislation. It’s a battle worth fighting as one Oregonian dies each day due to lack of access to health care, according to a 2009 Harvard University study. The lessons learned from Vermont can inspire Oregon citizens to build from the ground up support the Affordable Healthcare for All Oregon Act. Sponsored by State Rep. Michael Dembrow and State Sen. Chip Shields, the act will provide comprehensive, affordable health benefits for every Oregon resident. 


More information on Oregon healthcare reform can be found at www.jwjpdx.org and www.singlepayeroregon.org