Occupy Congressional District 2!

Friends -

I trust you have been as encouraged by the successes of the Occupy movement as I have.  The movement has, in a very short time, steered our national conversation to focus on jobs, economic justice, and fair taxation.  It has helped clarify the corrosive effects of income inequality and the corrupting influence of money in our politics.  "We Are The 99%!" is indelibly written in our national psyche. 

Please plan to attend an Occupy rally at noon on Monday, December 5 at Max Square in downtown La Grande.  People will gather all across Oregon's 2nd Congressional District to ask a simple question:  "Where's Walden?"

Congressman Greg Walden's constituents, the 99%, want to hold him accountable.  The demands of this Occupy Congressional District 2 action are simple.  First, that Congressman Walden announce to the media a public town hall to be held during the Congressional recess this December.  Second, that he commit to hold four more public town halls across the district by April 2012.  Finally, that he give the public at least three weeks notice of the date, time, and location for the town halls.

Congressman Walden should want to hear from his constituents.  Are five public Town Halls in the next few months really too much to ask? 

I hope to see you at noon on Monday, December 5, at Max Square along with your fellow 99-percenters!


Glen Scheele
Chair, Union County Democrats