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I went to the Washington Post this moring and found a couple of articles you might be interested in. The first one was written by the U.S. economics editor for The Economist magazine. The Economist is a very respected news source. I read it weekly. The article by Greg Ip shows how little a president's economic policies influences his own term or reelection but can be felt in the next four to eight years or beyond. The next article is a response from Jim Leherer about his role in the Denver debate. I happen to be a fan of his and I have his book titled Tension City if anyone wants to read it. I will leave it at the Democratic Party's office downtown if you are interested. Go to for the two articles.

Oregon elections

There are two articles in the Oregonian newspaper from 10/5/12 that focus on issues in our state. The first one reported on the state Supreme Court ruling concerning campaign finance limits. In Oregon there is no dollar limitations on what a candidate can spend. The article also brought the issue into the race for Secretary of State between Kate Brown and Knute Buehler. The second article I found this morning was a guest editorial that showed no relationship between tax rates and in particular capital gains rates and the Oregon economy nor people leaving the state because of capital gains. You can find the articles by going to: . Also, don't forget about our candidate running for state offices. Antone Minthorn is running for the state senate from our senate district and Heidi Van Schoenhoven is the Democratic candidate from our legislative district.

Adopt a Party - Work with the Democrats

Adopt-A-Highway Crew

The Union County Democrats continued community outreach efforts in 2012. Some of our activities were the booth at the 2012 Union County Fair, participation in Celebrate La Grande and picking up litter on a section of Highway 82 between mile point 4.7 to 7.2.

2012 Fair Booth

You can volunteer to help with these and our 2012 Get Out The Vote efforts by stopping by the campaign office at 1304 Adams Ave. (previous Marie Josephine shop). The office is open Monday through Friday 12 noon to 6PM and Saturday 10AM to 12 noon until the election.

Join Us to Watch the Debates!

Fellow Democrats...

Union County Democrats 2012 Union County Fair Booth

Come down to our booth at the Union County Fair August 1 - 4, 2012
and enter to win a Quarter Beef from Icy River Ranch or other prizes!


  • Last year we painted the booth Democratic blue.
  • It has American flags outside.
  • We will conduct an interactive poll where people indicate their preferences on political issues by putting colored rocks in jars. The poll items are arranged on tables in front of the booth.
  • We will give away free cold water.
  • We have photos of all the Democratic elected officials on display.
  • There is a Union County Democrats banner on display.
  • We have Union County Democrats t-shirts and bumper stickers for sale.
  • We have Obama buttons and bumper stickers for sale.
  • There will be information, stickers, buttons and signs from Oregon Democratic candidates including Wheeler, Brown, Seegers and others. These items will be free.
  • We are going to have a raffle that includes a Quarter Side of Beef contributed by Icy River Ranch and other items. See details below.
  • The Health Care is a Human right folks will have a display there. We will take photos of people signing petition.
  • We will have a survey regarding making the County Commissioners position non-partisan
  • We will be registering voters.

Enter to win Union County Democrats Raffle
Tickets are $5.00 each or 5 tickets for $20
Three winners to be selected by random drawing on Monday, August 6th. You need not be present to win.

1st Prize – Quarter Beef from Icy River Ranch – $250 Value (depends on actual weight of beef)
Quarter Beef – Grass-fed, Raised free-range from Icy River Ranch in Starkey, Oregon and will be cut and wrapped by Staffords Custom Meats of Elgin.  (Coupon) Roasts, Steaks and Hamburger.

2nd Prize – Eastern Oregon Foods Basket – Over $125 Value
Food basket containing food items produced in Eastern Oregon including:
Sorbenots Coffee                                            Starkey's Coffee
Heritage Peppermint Tea                                 Borum Farms Honey
Pam's Pantry Huckleberry Jam                          Pam's Pantry Jalapeno relish
Giannis Liquid Pesto                                        Giannis Balsamic Vinegar
Mother Load Rose Wine **                              Gilstrap Rio Grande Ronde Wine **
Brown Bread from Kneads Bakery (Coupon)
Set of four cloth place mats'                             Large wicker basket
Bonus Music at the Market CD. Music from the La Grande Farmers' Market

Patriot Prize
- Priceless
U.S. Flag flown over U.S. Capital Building in Washington, D.C.

Tickets will be on sale at the Union County Democrats booth at the 2012 Union County Fair
The booth will be open August 1st through 4th, 10 AM to 10 PM
**You must 18 to purchase tickets. NOTE: If winner is under 21 wine will be substituted with a La Grande Farmers' Market Gift Certificate of equal value.
Each ticket purchased must have the person's Name and Contact information on the stub left at booth
The drawing will be held Monday, August 6th, at noon at the SAC Annex meeting room.
Three winners to be selected by random drawing in order of 3rd prize first, 2nd prize second and 1st prize 3rd. 
Winners will be notified to schedule pick up of basket including all items except the Quarter Beef.
The Quarter Beef will be available for pick up in October 2012 after processing and freezing.

Proceeds will benefit the Union County Democratic Party

Blue cow photo based on Creative Commons licensed image from Karen Roe's Flickr photostream.

Two Important Meetings: One Work, One Play!

We’ve had encouraging news in the past week or two.  The Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act.  There have been some good economic numbers posted that demonstrate continued job growth.  And Motor City is having its best year in half a decade.

While this all bodes well for Democratic prospects in November, the election is still a long ways off.  So there is really no option other than rolling up our sleeves and work to elect Democrats.

Still, all work and no play makes for dull Democrats.  We have two important meetings coming up, but only one will be devoted to the work of party business.  The other is guaranteed to be fun, entertaining, and enlightening.

Join Us For Our May Meeting!


I hope you have been enjoying the fine sunny spring weather. 

Union County Democrats will gather this week on Wednesday, May 2, from 5 to 6 p.m. in the second floor conference room of the Sac Annex at 105 Fir Street in La Grande.  I hope you can join us on such short notice.

Here are some key items on our agenda:

Report on April 20 Highway Clean Up
Treasurer's Report
Primary Ballots
    Mail by May 10
    Drop off by 8 PM May 15
Request for State Senate 29th District Write In
Heidi Van Schoonhoven State House 58th District
Union County Fair Partcipation
2012 Campaign

As always, your participation is welcome.  Please join us!

Thanks... see you on Wednesday, May 2.

Glen Scheele

Chair, Union County Democrats

Be There For Our Meeting April 4!


Fellow Democrats...

March Madness has drawn to a close for NCAA basketball -- congratulations to the University of Kentucky.

Yet the spectacle of the Republican nomination continues!  Primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland, and D.C. on Tuesday will inch the presumptive nominee, Mitt "Corporations are People" Romney, a bit closer to his goal.  This nomination fight has tarnished the eventual Republican candidate... and that's good news for Democrats.

Of course, November is still a long ways off.  So there is really no option other than rolling up our sleeves and working to elect Democrats.

Union County Democrats will gather this week.  Please join us Wednesday, April 4, from 5 to 6 p.m. in the second floor conference room of the Sac Annex at 105 Fir Street in La Grande.

Here are some key items on our agenda:

Walden to Hold Town Hall Friday March 23

Dear Fellow Democrats,

Rep. Greg Walden is holding a town hall on Friday March 23, at 3:45 pm. It was originally planned for the Stampede Hall, but I understand the venue has been changed to the Elgin High school multi-purpose room.

This town hall is unusual for Walden for two reasons. First, there was advance notice that actually appeared in the Observer on Tuesday. Second, it is taking place in a public venue at a time when at least some constituents might be able to attend!

I have no doubt his new found desire to hold open town halls is a direct result of the successful “Where’s Walden?” action some of us held back in December. Perhaps the congressman is feeling a bit of heat in this election year?

We all understand that Mr. Walden is a conservative Republican. But voting against veterans’ benefits? Against extending unemployment benefits? Against injury compensation for 9/11 first responders? Against equal pay?

There are so many issues that Walden needs to be held accountable for. We Democrats in the 2nd District must hold the Congressman’s feet to the fire. Here are a few questions we might ask:

Walk for Warmth 2012

Union County Democrats Support

Many families in Union County are hurting this winter. Cold weather and unemployment from the on-going recession have often led to heartbreaking choices between buying food or vital medications or paying for a home heating emergency.

All Walk for Warmth proceeds go to assist families in Union County. Walk for Warmth calls each of us to open our hearts and wallets to help families, friends, and neighbors through a difficult time.

Please join with other Union County Democrats to help and "Move Your Feet to Give Others Heat"!

Walk for Warmth 2012
Saturday, February 18, 2012
Registration, 10 a.m. ~ noon
at the Maridell Center
1124 Washington Ave,
La Grande, Oregon

For more information, to become involved, or to make a donation, please contact: or by phone at 541-805-8823.

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