Be There For Our Meeting April 4!


Fellow Democrats...

March Madness has drawn to a close for NCAA basketball -- congratulations to the University of Kentucky.

Yet the spectacle of the Republican nomination continues!  Primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland, and D.C. on Tuesday will inch the presumptive nominee, Mitt "Corporations are People" Romney, a bit closer to his goal.  This nomination fight has tarnished the eventual Republican candidate... and that's good news for Democrats.

Of course, November is still a long ways off.  So there is really no option other than rolling up our sleeves and working to elect Democrats.

Union County Democrats will gather this week.  Please join us Wednesday, April 4, from 5 to 6 p.m. in the second floor conference room of the Sac Annex at 105 Fir Street in La Grande.

Here are some key items on our agenda:

Walden to Hold Town Hall Friday March 23

Dear Fellow Democrats,

Rep. Greg Walden is holding a town hall on Friday March 23, at 3:45 pm. It was originally planned for the Stampede Hall, but I understand the venue has been changed to the Elgin High school multi-purpose room.

This town hall is unusual for Walden for two reasons. First, there was advance notice that actually appeared in the Observer on Tuesday. Second, it is taking place in a public venue at a time when at least some constituents might be able to attend!

I have no doubt his new found desire to hold open town halls is a direct result of the successful “Where’s Walden?” action some of us held back in December. Perhaps the congressman is feeling a bit of heat in this election year?

We all understand that Mr. Walden is a conservative Republican. But voting against veterans’ benefits? Against extending unemployment benefits? Against injury compensation for 9/11 first responders? Against equal pay?

There are so many issues that Walden needs to be held accountable for. We Democrats in the 2nd District must hold the Congressman’s feet to the fire. Here are a few questions we might ask:

Walk for Warmth 2012

Union County Democrats Support

Many families in Union County are hurting this winter. Cold weather and unemployment from the on-going recession have often led to heartbreaking choices between buying food or vital medications or paying for a home heating emergency.

All Walk for Warmth proceeds go to assist families in Union County. Walk for Warmth calls each of us to open our hearts and wallets to help families, friends, and neighbors through a difficult time.

Please join with other Union County Democrats to help and "Move Your Feet to Give Others Heat"!

Walk for Warmth 2012
Saturday, February 18, 2012
Registration, 10 a.m. ~ noon
at the Maridell Center
1124 Washington Ave,
La Grande, Oregon

For more information, to become involved, or to make a donation, please contact: or by phone at 541-805-8823.

Calling all Union County Democrats!

Hello Fellow Democrats,

Now that President Obama has outlined his agenda for the year in his State of the Union address, I think it is safe to say the 2012 presidential campaign is officially underway! 

Union County Democrats will gather this week and part of our discussion will be about the 2012 campaign.  Please join us Wednesday, February 1st, from 5 to 6 p.m. in the second floor conference room of the Sac Annex at 105 Fir Street.

Here are some key items on our agenda:

Join Us at Our MLK Day Social


Please join us on MLK day!

The Union County Democrats are hosting an informal social gathering on Monday, January 16th, from 5:30 to 7:30 P.M. in the Maridell Center at 1124 Washington Avenue in La Grande.

We’ll be serving hearty chili and cornbread along with fair trade coffee and good conversation.  Local film maker and musician, Mike Surber, will be there with his guitar, his voice, and some tunes… perhaps a few from the debut solo album he recently recorded.

So come and enjoy good food, good company, and good music.  Bring a friend or two.  Learn about local efforts in support of fair trade goods.  Learn how to support the Friday Backpack Program.  And learn about ways to help Democrats in this very important election year!

I hope to see you there,

Glen Scheele
Chair, Union County Democrats

Join With EOU Students on MLK Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday, January 16th!

Join with EOU students and community members for a march that begins at 11:00 am at Max Square in downtown La Grande.

Black Student Union President, Jamarkus Worles-Springfield, along with other members of the BSU, will welcome participants and lead the march. The route goes along Adams to Greenwood, then up 8th Street to the EOU campus, ending at the Hoke Main Lounge.

An open-mic program, along with light refreshments, will follow.  Everyone is invited to share a poem, song, or reading focusing on diversity, human rights, or related issues.

Please plan to participate in honor of Dr. King and his legacy.


Glen Scheele
Chair, Union County Democrats

Oregon Health Care Reform

Oregon supporters of a universal, single-payer health care system are looking east for inspiration, bringing Vermont activists to our state to outline how a grassroots movement there resulted in the successful adoption of a universal health care system last June. La Grande is a stop on a twelve city swing through Oregon by three members of the Vermont Workers Center, Kate Kanelstein, Sarah Weintraub and Mary Gerish. They will be joined by representatives from the events’ sponsors, Jobs with Justice and Oregon Single Payer Campaign, as they outline the strategies and tactics that worked in Vermont.


Wednesday, December 14th, 7:30 to 9:00 PM

“How We Won Health Care for All” Forum

Union County Democrats Meet December 7

Hello Fellow Democrats,

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday!

Union County Democrats will meet on Wednesday, December 7th at 5 pm.  We are trying a new venue -- the My Street Bagel Company at 1118 Adams.  This cozy cafe' is located upstairs inside Lookinglass Books.  So come join us and enjoy.

As it happens, this regular meeting coincides with the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  On December 7, 1941, at 7:55 in the morning, the attack began.  By the end, more than 2,300 servicemen/women and civilians had perished.  We will observe a moment of silence at the meeting in rememberance.

Here are some key items on our agenda:

Occupy Congressional District 2!

Friends -

I trust you have been as encouraged by the successes of the Occupy movement as I have.  The movement has, in a very short time, steered our national conversation to focus on jobs, economic justice, and fair taxation.  It has helped clarify the corrosive effects of income inequality and the corrupting influence of money in our politics.  "We Are The 99%!" is indelibly written in our national psyche. 

Please plan to attend an Occupy rally at noon on Monday, December 5 at Max Square in downtown La Grande.  People will gather all across Oregon's 2nd Congressional District to ask a simple question:  "Where's Walden?"

Congressman Greg Walden's constituents, the 99%, want to hold him accountable.  The demands of this Occupy Congressional District 2 action are simple.  First, that Congressman Walden announce to the media a public town hall to be held during the Congressional recess this December.  Second, that he commit to hold four more public town halls across the district by April 2012.  Finally, that he give the public at least three weeks notice of the date, time, and location for the town halls.

Congressman Walden should want to hear from his constituents.  Are five public Town Halls in the next few months really too much to ask? 

I hope to see you at noon on Monday, December 5, at Max Square along with your fellow 99-percenters!


Glen Scheele
Chair, Union County Democrats

Join us for our November meeting!

Hello Everyone!


I’m very sorry for the late reminder.  But I know I can trust the good Democrats of Union County to have our regular meetings already written on their calendars!


We’ll meet tomorrow evening, November 2, from 5 to 6 p.m. in the second floor conference room of the Sac Annex, 105 Fir Street.


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