Phone-banking for Measures 66 and 67

For those who would like to get involved, following is a message from Farley Griner on phone-banking for Measures 66 and 67.

My analysis:
1) It is important to vote if you do not want to receive a phone call.
2) The phone banking process is efficient and very successful, and it is easy to get involved!



from Farley, with the Democratic Party of Oregon and Vote Yes for Oregon...

Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to let you all know that the remote phone banking via Activate that many of you are doing is making a HUGE difference with voter contact! As you know, people now have their ballots and some have already voted. It is truly crunch time, but if you all continue to step up and help the campaign meet its ambitious goals, WE WILL WIN.

To put it in perspective: last night, volunteers in Wallowa, Hood River, and Linn Counties were on Activate, and together contacted 211 voters.

Across the entire campaign, JUST LAST NIGHT, we contacted 9,951 voters...a record!! We COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT THE 200+ VOTERS YOU CALLED LAST NIGHT.

Thank you so much for what you are doing--gathering friends and cell phones in living rooms, coordinating phone banks at friendly local businesses, or making calls at home while you TiVo your favorite show--it is really paying off and I can't tell you how excited we are to have you all participating!!

For those who have not yet participated in a phone bank via Activate, below are details on how to get started. Just email or call me (a day's notice is best) before you want to get on Activate and I will get you set up with everything you need.

Many thanks again and look forward to talking to you all soon-

Only 35 Days to the election!

The following message is from Vote Yes for Oregon--please pass this information along to your friends and neighbors:

It is only 35 days to the election and mor importantly, only 17 days until Oregonians begin casting their ballots! Do you know what's at stake for your community in the January special election?

The Vote Yes For Oregon coalition has just launched an interactive map of Oregon counties to provide a look at what will be protected by Measures 66 and 67 in each county--and how you can help make sure your neighbors know what's at stake. Click here to find upcoming events in your community:

Visit to find the answers to these important questions:

  • How many kids are in our K-12 schools? How much school funding for my child's education will Measures 66 and 67 protect?
  • How many people are receiving long term care in my community? How many people depend on the Oregon Health Plan?
  • How will community colleges and universities in my community be affected?
  • How many people looking for work in 2009 will get a tax break under Measure 66?

Once you know the facts, get involved! It's now even easier to find and sign up for opportunities to talk to your neighbors about why we need to vote YES on 66 and 67. Click here to pick your county, choose from the handy list of upcoming events, and sign up right on the website:
Every conversation you have now about these measures will make the difference in January. Get involved now to protect your community!

Download Yes on 66 & 67

Download Yes on 66 & 67 County by County PDF

Click here to download an Adobe Acrobat version of the County by County PDF PDF

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Ballot Measures 66 and 67

I want to pass along to you this email from the Democratic Party of Oregon about their work on Ballot Measures 66 and 67. In La Grande School District alone, the failure to pass these measures would mean cuts of more than $1 million. Check out this story from the East Oregonian that gets into the impacts on Umatilla and Morrow counties (If you have seen anything with local numbers and impacts, please send that to me.)

As always, thanks for your support of the local Democratic party. Anything that you can do to help the state party and Defend Oregon would be greatly appreciated!

Kathleen Cathey, Chair
Union County Democrats

Three Simple Ways To Protect Oregon This Thanksgiving

When times are at their toughest, Oregonians come together to make sure that those who need us most—children, seniors, struggling families—aren't left in the cold with nowhere to turn. This Thanksgiving, that means working to pass Measures 66 and 67 in order to preserve critical funding for schools and basic services that Oregonians depend on.

The election is more than two months away (January 26), but now is the time to get the word out. Below is a list of ways you can get involved over the next two weeks to help protect Oregon's future.

Host a Turkey Talk on Thanksgiving

You may already be cooking and having people over, so why not turn your Thanksgiving Feast into an opportunity to talk to your friends and family about what's at stake this January?

The Yes For Oregon Coalition has everything you need to get a simple conversation started with your guests. The Turkey Talk Kit includes conversation starters, FAQs, and even a simple table piece that will help you talk about why these measures are important to you.

There are two ways to get your Turkey Talk Kit and join hundreds of other Oregonians hosting Turkey Talks: Call 503-234-0444 or email Christel Allen at, or download directly from our brand new website at

Honor a Favorite Teacher by Knocking on Some Doors

Show your appreciation for a favorite teacher by taking part in an I Heart My Teacher Neighborhood Walk on Sunday, November 22.

Click here for more information:

Sunday, November 22
Alameda Elementary School
2732 NE Fremont
Portland, OR
RSVP @ 503.234.0444

Sunday, November 22
Lane County Stand for Children/SEIU
488 E. 11th Ave
Eugene, OR
(basement of Oregon Community Credit Union building)
RSVP To: Joy Marshall,

Not available Sunday?
Join us Saturday, November 21
Cascade Middle School Cafeteria
1525 Echo Hollow Road
Bethel, OR
(just south of Willamette High School)
RSVP To: Donna Deforest,

Attend a Vote Yes For Oregon Campaign Kickoff!

Next week, the Vote Yes For Oregon Coalition is holding campaign kickoff meetings around the state. Come find out latest updates on the campaign, find out how you can help support Measures 66 and 67, and take home stickers, lawn signs, and more!

Find out where the meeting is taking place in your community by clicking here:

  • Deschutes County, November 16
  • Multnomah County, November 17
  • Washington County, November 17
  • Lane County, November 18
  • Marion County, November 18
  • Jackson County, November 19
  • Clackamas County, November 19

Sign the Vote Yes Pledge

If you haven't already, go online to sign the Vote Yes For Oregon Pledge. This will let the campaign know they can count on your Yes Vote this January, so they can focus their efforts on voters who still need to hear about what's at stake.

It only takes a minute and will make a big difference. Click here now to sign the Pledge:

Bill Whitaker-on the road - 2

Bill Whitaker on the road with the Mad AS Hell Doctors—day 2 September 9

What a day! The MAH doctors are a wonderful and inspiring group. Traveled today to Spokane for a rally at the Federal Building and a Town Hall at the Gonzaga University Law School. We are getting the bugs worked out of the Health Care-a-Van, are being greeted by enthusiast groups of single payer supporters. Signs express anger at the state of the nation’s healthcare non-system. We begin our rallies and town meetings with Adam setting the stage by distinguishing between anger and rage. Anger is a normal human feeling, a healthy feeling which can be channeled productively to generate chane and work for social justice. Anger is what the Mad As Hell Doctors are expressing and seeking to harness with the tour. Rage is the type of feeling fostered by those funding the teabaggers’ attempts to disrupt public discourse and to prevent others from exercising their freedom of speech. We explain that we support the full expression of all points of view whether or not they agree with us. Each of our events includes a series of mad as hell minutes in which any person can say anything about why they are angry. So far we have not encountered persons attempting to disrupt our activities. There was a rumor that persons were planning to attend yesterday’s town hall and throw teabags but nothing of the sort occurred.

Just a couple of mad as hell statements. A woman, a doctor from Spokane: I’m mah because medicine should be a human enterprise, not a commercial enterprise, because we don’t have access to health care for all, because the re are unneeded disparities in health outcomes between poor and rich, between blacks and whites. A vet: I’m MAH because I have excellent socialized medicine from the Veteran’s Administration but not everyone has access like I do.

Bill Whitaker-on the road

Bill Whitaker-on the road with the Mad As Hell Doctors--September 8 (day one)

This morning the Mad As Hell Doctors were met at Pioneer Square in Portland Oregon by more than 100 supporters of single-payer health care with signs and banners, hats and tee-shirts, the Portland Nurses Band, letter carriers union, social work students, many doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. We traveled to Seattle where we were joined by a caravan of about 50 cars for the parade to the Langston Hughes Cultural Center. Giant puppets with count dracula representing the insurance industry (Count Bleed You Dry) greeted us and 300 interested citizens with street theater. The panel of docs was followed by the Mad as Hell minutes in which an open mike was provided to a long line of persons eager to share their stories. Many powerful stories. One of the most moving was a woman on dialysis having lost funtion of both kidneys as a consequence of lacking health insurance. She was 42 years old, told us that for most persons her age had a life expectancy of 30+ years while those on dialysis can expect to live 7 years. Nearly in tears she told us "I want my years back."

The response of people on the street, in coffee shops, in check-out lines to our single-payer message has been overwhelmingly positive. For daily updates of progress on out Health Care-a Van see the madashelldoctors website. Check out our route across the nation to the White House. Tell your friends, neighbors, family, colleagues to follow our progress. Cut and psste the letter from our website and email it to President Obama asking him to meet with the Mad As Hell Doctors.. From your address it will get through. The White House called us to ask us to lay off the emails and has now blocked emails from our website. We've got their attention. Get mad! Stay Mad! Make history!

Senator Ron Wyden Town Hall

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden held his annual Union County town Hall meeting at La Grande Middle School Commons on August 28, 2009. A crowd of approximately 200 people turned out to ask the Senator questions on a wide range of topics. Senator Wyden opened the event by reminding people that he voted against the bank bailout bills requested by Presidents Bush and Obama. He also stated that the healthcare bill he wrote with Republican Senator Bob Bennett of Utah, The Healthy Americans Act, was judged by the Congressional Budget Office to be revenue neutral.

The first image in this Flickr slideshow is Larry Glaze, Superintendent of La Grande School District who opened the Town Hall Meeting.

The mostly Republican crowd was respectful and asked thoughtful and incisive questions. The Senator was very responsive and at some times quite passionate in his answers and was generally well received.

Download Poster For DHS Back To School Drive

Download Poster

Click here to download an Adobe Acrobat version of the Values in Action DHS Back To School Drive Poster PDF

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Breaking news: Single payer to be voted on in House of Representatives

Dear colleagues: We are at a potentially watershed moment in history. For the first time ever single-payer health insurance will be voted upon on the floor of the House of Representative following the current congressional recess. We need your support. Please contact Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) and urge support for the Weiner amendment to HR 3200. The Weiner amendment substitutes the language of HR 676 (the Conyers/Kucinich single payer bill) for most of the language in HR3200. I met with Rep. Walden when I was in Washington, DC for the Medicare:Made in America single-payer rally and lobby day last week. I contended that single-payer is the most fiscally conservative approach to health insurance reform. He listened attentatively and asked his staff to review the materials I left for him. I believe there is a possibility that he will support single-payer if enough constituents contact him.

Speaker Pelosi agreed to a House floor vote in order to avoid the possibility of Republicans joining progressive Democrats and winning the substitution in committee, to the embarrassment of the Democratic leadership. The fear was that, having transformed the bill in committee, Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats wouold kill any possibility of legislation on the floor.

We need to mobilize progressive Democrats and allies to urge our representatives to support the Weiner amendment. With your help history is ours for the making. Thanks for all you are doing. Please share this information with colleagues throughout Oregon.

The PNHP memo below contains full detils and provides a lnk to Kaiser Family Foundation side by side analysis of all the health insurance reform proposals currently before Congress.

Bill Whitaker
SCC Delegate for the Democratic Party of Oregon

Dems Represented at Union County Fair & Parade

The Union County Democrats occupied their usual booth at the 2009 Union County Fair. Nan McDaniel organized the schedule which covered July 29 through August 1. We appreciate all the volunteers who served in the booth. The fair booth had signs touting Democrats, offered buttons, banners and t-shirts. There was an issues poll with the opportunity to make suggestions. Most visitors were friendly. Only a few people asked questions or made comments indicating they are believing various Republican misinformation campaigns about Obama, health care and etc.

Local democrats also had a presence in the Union County Fair Parade. Our group consisted of a decorated Ford Pickup and six volunteer marcher/candy tossers (including one very happy baby). The parade was short and sweet.

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