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Hey folks, I'm not much of a blogger, but like you I'm getting many impassioned email forwards with lots of great ideas. Perhaps my favorite came from my friend Lupita who suggested that I honor Sarah Palin by making a contribution in her name to Planned Parenthood. And you can see how this turned out... Anyhow, please consider posting your best stuff here to share with other interested folks. ~Kathleen

Union County Democrats meet candidates Kate Brown and Ben Westlund

Oregon Democratic candidates, Kate Brown for Secretary of State and Ben Westlund for State Treasurer, revved up local volunteers at Saturday potluck.

On Saturday, Sept. 13 statewide Democratic candidates Kate Brown and Ben Westlund came by for a potluck visit with community members. Kate is running for Secretary of State and Ben is candidate for Treasurer. Both have admirable histories in Oregon politics. They advised local volunteers to get out and canvass for all the Democratic candidates and to change the political conversation. Instead of getting lost in the relative merits of hockey moms, we need to turn our attention to serious matters--like increasing our national security through effective energy policy.

Thanks to Kate and Ben for showing up for us, and for John Kroger for dropping in as well!

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