A message about Health Care

A message from Trent Lutz, executive director of the Democratic Party of Oregon. As you talk with neighbors and friends about this historic legislation, here are some things to say:

Talking Points: The Immediate Benefits of Health Reform

  • The health reform bill passed last night is a victory for all Americans -- families, seniors, workers and small businesses. Americans now have the security of knowing that they will not have to watch the American dream slip away if they get sick or are in an accident.
  • Beginning this year, health reform will bring down costs for families and small businesses, it will end the worst insurance company practices and it will expand coverage to millions of Americans.
  • This year, Americans will start to see significant benefits because of this bill and other important reforms will follow.

American families and small businesses will see costs go down immediately because of this bill.

In 2010 the bill will:
  • Make providing employee coverage more affordable for small businesses by giving a tax credit of up to 35% of premiums to small businesses that choose to offer coverage.
  • Create a temporary high-risk pool to provide affordable insurance options to adults who are denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.
  • Provide a $250 rebate for Medicare recipients who fall in to the Part D donut hole - the first step towards closing the donut hole for good. The bill will also provide a 50% discount on prescription drugs which fall into the donut hole beginning in 2011.
  • Require new private plans to cover preventative care - with no co-payments or deductibles.

Update from the Chair

The Union County Democrats are planning a house party for March 24, 6-8 p.m. to welcome Joyce Segers to the county and to meet with our other local Democratic candidates. Joyce is running against Greg Walden for the second Congressional District seat. Visit for more information.

We would dearly like someone to step forward and volunteer their home and will need other volunteers to bring an appetizer, dessert or beverage. If you are interested in opening your home, please send me an email. If you can bring food or beverage, contact Sharon Evoy at sharonevoy[at] Ideally, we need to hear from you within the next few days.

Here is our thinking on this party. While it would be lovely to have the meeting downtown and support a local business, we want the precious dollars that folks can spare to go to the candidates. This will be a friendly, simple drop-in open house. We will not attempt to coerce your vote or put you on a committee. This is a chance to say hello and have a conversation with our Democratic candidate(s).

I appreciate your support.

Kathleen Cathey, Chair
Union County Democrats

President Barack Obama Accomplishments: YEAR ONE

It’s important to remember where we were when President Obama took office.
The President inherited the worst economic crisis in a generation, and our country was teetering on the edge of another depression.
The economy was losing 700,000 jobs a month on average.
Banks were in crisis and lending was frozen.
$10 trillion in wealth was lost in the stock market.
Now almost a year later, President Obama has taken necessary steps to stabilize our economy, put us on the road to recovery, and rebuild a new, stronger foundation for long term growth.
On the economy, equal rights, our health care system, our energy policy, our financial regulatory system, the environment, valuing science and service, restoring our reputation around the world and setting the special interests straight, President Obama is enacting an ambitious agenda that is helping to get our economy moving again and changing the way things in Washington get done.

Read the full pdf file for a few examples:

Click here to download an Adobe Acrobat version of the Obama Accomplishments: YEAR ONE PDF

Don't have Acrobat Reader?

Click on this Adobe icon Download Adobe Reader so you can read the Acrobat version of this file to get the Adobe Reader.

Breaking news: Single payer to be voted on in House of Representatives

Dear colleagues: We are at a potentially watershed moment in history. For the first time ever single-payer health insurance will be voted upon on the floor of the House of Representative following the current congressional recess. We need your support. Please contact Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) and urge support for the Weiner amendment to HR 3200. The Weiner amendment substitutes the language of HR 676 (the Conyers/Kucinich single payer bill) for most of the language in HR3200. I met with Rep. Walden when I was in Washington, DC for the Medicare:Made in America single-payer rally and lobby day last week. I contended that single-payer is the most fiscally conservative approach to health insurance reform. He listened attentatively and asked his staff to review the materials I left for him. I believe there is a possibility that he will support single-payer if enough constituents contact him.

Speaker Pelosi agreed to a House floor vote in order to avoid the possibility of Republicans joining progressive Democrats and winning the substitution in committee, to the embarrassment of the Democratic leadership. The fear was that, having transformed the bill in committee, Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats wouold kill any possibility of legislation on the floor.

We need to mobilize progressive Democrats and allies to urge our representatives to support the Weiner amendment. With your help history is ours for the making. Thanks for all you are doing. Please share this information with colleagues throughout Oregon.

The PNHP memo below contains full detils and provides a lnk to Kaiser Family Foundation side by side analysis of all the health insurance reform proposals currently before Congress.

Bill Whitaker
SCC Delegate for the Democratic Party of Oregon

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Download These Posters and Signs

Kathleen wants you to download these files to support the Community Baby Shower program and the Attorney General John Kroger Breakfast.

Download these Adobe Acrobat files, print them out and post them around town!

Download this Community Baby Shower Drop Box Sign (Adobe Acrobat format), print it out and put it on your drop box!

Don't have Acrobat Reader? Just click on this Adobe icon Download Adobe Reader so you can read the Acrobat version of this file to get the Adobe Reader.

Union County Listening Project for Change

Organizing for America

Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States. Together with him we are facing some of the greatest challenges of our lifetimes. If President Obama is to succeed, he needs to hear from us. He needs our help.

When Barack Obama was declared our 44th President, you didn't just revel in that victory -- you started asking what's next for this movement. More than 40 people gathered in La Grande at a sharing session organized through the Rural Organizing Project. Thousands of similar house meetings were held in communities throughout the United States.

Democrats Won Big on November 4th

President Elect Obama gives victory speech in Chicago on November 4.

Oregonians expressed their faith in the Democratic Party by giving majority votes to the following candidates on November 4th.

  • Barack Obama - President of the United States
  • Joe Biden - Vice President of the United States
  • Jeff Merkley - United States Senator
  • Kate Brown - Oregon Secretary of State
  • Ben Westlund - Oregon State Treasurer
  • John R Kroger - Oregon Attorney General

Watch the Obama Administration take form at their new transition website,

Keep track of events related to the 2009 Inaugural here.

Powell warning about Bachman

We saw the Chris Matthews interview of this really mixed up woman who thinks people who support Obama are Anti-American. It's great that Colin Powell condemened it! Her Democratic opponent is Elwyn Tinklenberg. We went online to find that out and made a little donation to his campaign. Hope lots of people do to encourage him and give him support. I know this is a conservative district, but she is REALLY off the wall. She said they should have an investigation of the US Senate to find out all those who are "Anti-American". Elinor

Excellent New Yorker editorial--opportunity for comment

Here's an excerpt from a New Yorker editorial on the presidential election. This is such a rich and detailed article with sections on the economy, energy, the war and etc., and I just pulled out a few paragraphs. I hope that you will read the whole article and share it with your friends.

Since the 2004 election, however, McCain has moved remorselessly rightward in his quest for the Republican nomination. He paid obeisance to Jerry Falwell and preachers of his ilk. He abandoned immigration reform, eventually coming out against his own bill. Most shocking, McCain, who had repeatedly denounced torture under all circumstances, voted in February against a ban on the very techniques of “enhanced interrogation” that he himself once endured in Vietnam—as long as the torturers were civilians employed by the C.I.A.

On almost every issue, McCain and the Democratic Party’s nominee, Barack Obama, speak the generalized language of “reform,” but only Obama has provided a convincing, rational, and fully developed vision. McCain has abandoned his opposition to the Bush-era tax cuts and has taken up the demagogic call—in the midst of recession and Wall Street calamity, with looming crises in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid—for more tax cuts. Bush’s expire in 2011. If McCain, as he has proposed, cuts taxes for corporations and estates, the benefits once more would go disproportionately to the wealthy.

For me, this editorial and this campaign create a question. As Democrats (and humans who are subject to fight or flight instincts) what is the aspect of this campaign that most moves us? Are we more inspired by Barack Obama and his vision for the country or alarmed by the McCain-Palin ticket? Barack Obama has been able to demonstrate calm intellect in the face of attacks. Do we have the same ability to remain calm and rational?

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