Slate Card – Our Recommendations for the 2012 Election

Please remember to vote! Mail in your ballot today. Your ballot must be received at the county elections office or designated drop site by 8 pm on election night Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Postmarks do not count! If you would rather download and print these recommendations click here.

You can drop off your ballot at these locations:

Cove City Hall
504 Alder St
Cove, OR

Elgin City Hall
100 N. 8th Ave
Elgin, OR

Imbler City Hall
180 Ruckman St
Imbler, OR
Island City Hall
10202 S. McAlister Rd
Island City, OR

La Grande City Hall
1000 Adams Ave
La Grande, OR

North Powder City Hall
635 Third ST
North Powder, OR
Union City Hall
342 South Main St

Union County Courthouse
County Clerk's Office
1100 L Ave
La Grande, OR

Voting Recommendations 2012